After you have chosen an area where you would like to site your static caravan then you need to start the important process of finding the perfect holiday park. The UK has a very high number of holiday parks, which means there really is something to suit everyone, although each holiday park will have its own advantages and disadvantages.

If the location you have chosen is a particular seaside town or tourist attraction then the first decision you need to make is what would be the maximum distance you are willing to be from that attraction. Let’s say you are happy with a 5 mile distance, the next step is finding which holiday parks are located within that area.

It’s best to start your research online to narrow down the choice of parks so that you have a manageable number that you can then visit on a day out to the area.

Using the information you find online you will be able to draw up a shortlist of holiday parks. Some people may find just the one holiday park within a short distance of their preferred location whereas others may find 5 or more holiday parks they can shortlist. Some areas of the country have a bigger choice than other areas with North Wales, South Wales, the East Coast of England, Cornwall and Devon being the most popular regions for holiday parks.

The facilities on-site and the annual site fees will be the biggest factors when comparing holiday parks. By visiting each of the holiday parks you will be able to get a sense of what is on offer at each one and who the target audience of each holiday park is. For example some sites cater for the older generation and have a quiet, relaxed atmosphere while many of the Haven sites cater for young families and provide lots of on-site entertainment throughout the day and night.

Once you have decided on the holiday park that suits your requirements you need to go and speak to one of the sales team. A few years ago many holiday parks didn’t allow you to bring your own holiday home on to the site but things are changing nowadays. Many holiday parks now allow you to bring your own static caravan on to their site. This can potentially save you a lot of money as you can buy from a private owner, cutting out the middleman, and then simply transport it to the park of your choice!

Three important things you need to ask before you agree to site your holiday home are:

How many months is the site open per year?
Having a holiday park open for 10 months of the year as opposed to 12 may seem like a bad thing, but if this is reflected in lower site fees and the two months it is closed are in the middle of winter then it might not seem such a bad thing after all.

Are there any age restrictions for keeping a static caravan on-site?
A rule many holiday parks have is that you must sell your holiday home when it comes to be 10 years old. As modern holiday homes with double glazing and central heating are reaching this 10 year limit things are starting to change as a well maintained 10 year old caravan nowadays is still often in excellent condition. It is always best to check with the park though, especially if you are bringing a 6 or 7 year old caravan on to the site.

What are the conditions for when it comes to selling your static caravan?
If you intend to sell privately instead of back to the holiday park you still need to be careful. Many holiday parks will charge you up to 15% of your selling price as a commission so please be aware of this before signing any contracts.

Before signing any contract make sure you have read it thoroughly and if there is anything you don’t understand then ask. Some people have lost thousands of pounds by not reading the contract properly and not fully understanding what they are committing themselves to.

Only once you are completely happy should you sign any contract of sale, if you have any doubts whatsoever then walk away - you can always go back another day.