When you are researching in to the different locations where you can site your holiday home there are various things you should keep in mind. The following points should all be considered when choosing an area where you would like to situate your holiday home:
• Distance from Your Home
• How Many Times a Year Do You Plan to Visit
• Local Attractions in the Area

Below we explain why each of the above points are important things to think about.

Distance from Your Home
It is easy to fall in to the trap of finding that perfect seaside location, just over an hour and a half from home – perfect for regular weekends away. However you need to check what the traffic will be like on a Friday afternoon during rush hour as that manageable 90 minute journey could easily exceed 3 hours if you take in to account traffic jams, road works, etc.

Travelling for 3 hours every Friday after a day at work isn’t the best start to an enjoyable weekend so ensure that you check the route you would take from your home to make sure there isn’t any places where traffic jams could occur.

How Many Times a Year Do You Plan to Visit
If you just want to enjoy week long holidays a few times a year at your static caravan then travelling times aren’t as important as someone who wishes to holiday at it each and every weekend.

If you don't intend to visit all the time then think about what you will do with the ‘spare weeks’ when your holiday home will be stood empty. If you intend to allow friends and family to use the holiday home then the ‘Distance from Your Home’ point becomes important again. While they will definitely appreciate the use of your holiday accommodation they may not take you up on the offer if a 5 or 6 hour journey is involved.

If you are thinking about sub-letting the holiday home during the times you aren’t using it how are you going to prepare between lets. If you are going to allow the holiday park to take care of this on your behalf then distance isn’t a problem but if you are going to sub-let privately then you would need to be close enough to regularly clean between lets and check people in and out.

Local Attractions in the Area
Even if you decide to locate yourself at one of the big Park Resorts sites or Haven holiday parks there will come a time when you want to explore the surrounding area. Maybe you would prefer being sited close to theme parks and nightclubs or maybe you prefer a beach and woodland walks.

Whichever your preference you will want to try and ensure the things you love are on your doorstep. For example a short walk or drive will mean you enjoy more days out at the beach than if it was a 20 mile trip to the nearest beach. Having something close by means you are much more likely to spend time enjoying it.

There are such a large range of holiday parks to choose from, catering for all types of people, don’t fall in to the trap of staying at the same holiday park where you recently enjoyed a holiday. Do some research and visit holiday parks in the surrounding area, you may be pleasantly surprised and find something even better than the place you originally wanted to locate yourself at. If not, you can always go back to your original choice knowing that you have made the right decision and found the perfect location.