Most people see buying a holiday home as a long-term lifestyle choice, this is definitely the right way to think about it. You are buying something that will provide you and your family fantastic memories for many years to come.

We believe the benefits of owning your own holiday home far outweigh the drawbacks. If you can budget for the expenditure then having somewhere that your family can enjoy is priceless in terms of spending more time together. The time you spend with your loved ones will be remembered forever and the benefits of enjoying frequent holidays can't be underestimated.

If you have a family of your own or wish to spoil the grandchildren then owning a holiday home is an excellent way of having regular affordable holidays while still benefiting from all the comforts of home. While children really do love the excitement of going away and meeting new friends don't underestimate just how much enjoyment adults can also get from the holiday home ownership experience.

You may be looking for a place where you can relax in peace and quiet so you could choose a holiday park which doesn't allow children, alternatively you might want to find a holiday park with lakes on-site so you can fish from dawn till dusk.

Finding a holiday park that suits your requirements is the key to enjoying many years of holiday home ownership!

Financial Implications
Do not make the mistake of thinking that buying a static caravan is an financial investment where profits are likely. Even if you choose to sublet the caravan it is very unlikely that you will earn a profit while owning the holiday home. Subletting may help to cover running costs but when it comes to selling the caravan you will find that it has lost much of its value.

Static caravans are much like cars in the way they depreciate in value, with newer holiday homes suffering from the biggest loss in value. By buying a used static caravan or holiday lodge you can protect yourself from the worst of any depreciation, however you may still be shocked at what you get offered for your 'home from home' when it comes time to sell.

This is one of the reasons we set up our website, we wanted to help people pay a fair price for their holiday homes. Our website allows you to compare caravans for sale from private individuals, caravan dealers and holiday parks so as a buyer you can make an informed decision on such an important purchase.