It can be quite a shock to some people when they ask for a quote from the holiday park for their much loved holiday home. Many people find that the value of their static caravan or holiday lodge has dropped by over 50% in just a few years - sometimes it can be even more than that!

Hopefully our website can help you achieve a fairer price for your holiday home by selling privately or to a dealer. However if you still feel selling back to the holiday park is the best option for you, once you have considered all your options, then there are a few things you can try and do to push the terms of sale in your favour.

While the prices offered by holiday parks are often on the low side we can understand the reason why they can offer such low prices. It is simply convenience. The convenience of selling back to the holiday park is probably the number 1 reason many people take the lower price offered by the holiday parks rather than shopping around for a better offer.

Holiday Parks Love To Sell Their Own Holiday Homes!

Even when they offer you the chance to sell your holiday home through them (via their sales pitch) you can be sure that they will push their own stock whenever possible. Therefore if you are looking to upgrade your caravan you may be able to get a better price for your old caravan if you agree to buy your new holiday home from the park and use your old static caravan as part exchange.

The Price You Are Offered Usually Has Some Flexibility!

Holiday parks make a big profit in the sale and re-sale of holiday homes. If you have anything that could give you leverage then why not try and use it in securing a better price for your holiday home. This could be something as simple as offering to tie yourself in to a 2 year contract or maybe letting the holiday park know you have been considering changing to a different holiday park but a better price for your caravan could change your mind as you will have more spare money to pay for the difference in site fee's, etc.

Of course if the holiday park stands firm and won't offer you a better price then at least get a couple of quotes from caravan dealers just to check that you can't get a better price. Taking some time to work out all your options could really make a big difference in the amount of money you are left with after the sale.