Our swap service allows holiday home owners across England, Scotland and Wales to get in contact with each other and temporarily 'swap' holiday accommodation. You stay in their holiday home while they stay in your holiday home.

Sign-up for our holiday swap service today and start searching for potential swaps. You can visit parks across the UK and stay in some fantastic places without paying a penny for the accommodation!

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To take part in our swap service you must own a holiday home (static caravan, holiday lodge, chalet) which is sited somewhere in England, Scotland or Wales. Remember to check that your holiday park allows you to invite guests to stay in your holiday home before signing up to use our service.

The cost of owning a holiday home can often make the idea of going on holiday in a different location seem like an expensive option. Our holiday swap service aims to remove that expense allowing you to travel to new locations whenever you want.

Where Can I Holiday?

We use a matching service that helps you find owners that want to holiday in your location and vice-versa. Once you find a match simply contact the other owner and start arranging a date for the holiday swap.

How Much Does It Cost?

We charge a flat fee of £10 per year for membership to our holiday swap service. We don't charge anything extra regardless of how many holidays you arrange with other owners throughout the year.

Is My Holiday Home Safe?

All users of our holiday swap service understand the time and cost commitments of owning a holiday home. They are owners just like you. To date we haven't had any reports of damage or theft.

Our Holiday Swap Service

We want to help you enjoy holidays throughout England, Scotland and Wales without having to pay a penny for accommodation!

Our community of holiday home owners are all like minded people who want to enjoy everything the UK has to offer. As a holiday home owner you've already invested a large amount of money to enjoy regular holidays in the location of your choice. Our service is designed to help you explore different places every so often without incurring further accommodation costs.

Our system is designed to match you with other owners who have already expressed an interest in the location of your holiday home. All you need to do it find a place you would like to stay and contact the owner to start organising a holiday swap.

Our flat rate membership fee of £10 per year covers our administration costs and helps us to continually invest in new features for the website. As we charge a membership fee to use our service we find it also helps to ensure that those people who register with us are committed to using the service and remain active members of the holiday swap community.

It is estimated that there are more than 250,000 privately owned holidays homes (static caravan, holiday lodges, chalets, etc) in the UK. If just 2% of holiday home owners signed up to our service this would provide more than 5,000 places to stay in hundreds of locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

As the number of owners who use our service grows it will expand the places available to explore. The more people that join, the better for everyone. Therefore if you have a friend who you think would benefit from our service don't forget to recommend us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully answer any queries you may have about the holiday swap service. If you have a question that we haven't answered below please feel free to get in touch.

Q. What is a holiday swap?
A holiday swap is an agreement between two holiday homes owners to stay in the holiday home of the other owner for the duration of an agreed period.
Q. What type of people take part in holiday swaps?
Our members are people just like you. They are interested in visiting places throughout England, Scotland and Wales while still wanting to enjoy the comfort and convenience that a holiday home can offer.
Q. What are the advantages of a holiday swap?
There are many advantages of taking part in a holiday swap:
  • Save Money
    The cost of hiring a holiday home can range from a couple of hundred pounds to over one thousand pounds per week. By taking part in a holiday swap you will not pay any accommodation fees regardless of the length of stay. As a member you can swap as many times in a year as you wish, with whoever you wish.
  • Freedom and Choice
    Holiday swaps give you the freedom to tour England, Scotland and Wales for a fraction of normal prices, while staying in the comfort of a holiday home.
  • Fantastic Accommodation
    The holiday accommodation you stay in will almost certainly come much better equipped compared to renting from a holiday park or staying in a hotel.
Q. Who pays the bills?
Pay your site fees and utilities as you normally would. The amount of gas & electric used during your stay at someone else's holiday home is likely to be very similar to the amount of gas & electric they have used while staying in your holiday home.
Q. What about insurance?
In general, most insurance policies cover holiday swaps. After all, you have given them permission to stay, without monetary compensation, so it's really no different from having friends or relations stay in your holiday home. We always recommend however that you check with your insurer to make sure allowing guests to stay in your holiday home is allowed before signing up for our service.
Q. I own a touring caravan. Can I become a member?
No, sorry. Members must own a static holiday home (E.g, static caravan, holiday lodge, chalet, etc) to be eligible for membership.
Q. Would someone want to visit my location?
England, Scotland and Wales has many popular holiday destinations from the Scottish Highlands to the Cornish coastline. Whether you have a static caravan sited on an all action child friendly holiday park such as Primrose Valley or you have a holiday lodge on an adult only exclusive park there will be others who would like to experience your holiday home.
Q. Who are MyStatic?
MyStatic was set up to assist holiday home owners with the life cycle of owning a holiday home. We specialise in helping owners buy and sell their holiday homes, feature items targetted to holiday homes in our online shop and offer the holiday swap service too.
Q. Do I need a contract?
This is not usually undertaken, as a holiday swap usually involves staying in each others accomodation at the same time. If you wish to have a contract of your own then you can send it to the prospective swapee for them to sign and return before the holiday swap takes place. While arranging a swap it is best to communicate by email, this way you have a written record of what has been agreed should it be required at a future date.
Q. What if my swap falls through at the last minute?
This is extremely unusual once someone has agreed to swap. MyStatic.com can not accept any liability for any costs incurred in arrangements made on a swap that falls through. Including, but not limited to, travel arrangements, additional accommodation costs, etc.
Q. What if I have pets I like to take on holiday?
As part of our membership application we ask prospective members if pets are allowed to stay within their holiday home. This will be shown when you are viewing prospective places to stay.
Q. Is my holiday home safe if I allow strangers in?
All our members have given us their home address, holiday home site address and contact information so it would be very unlikely they would intentionally cause any damage to a holiday home. With all our members owning their own holiday homes we find that they care just as much about your property as they would expect you to care about theirs. Their fears are just the same as yours.

Your insurance should cover for accidental damage whilst your guests are using it but you will need to contact your own insurer to be certain of this. Also, don't forget to inform your neighbours on the holiday park that you have arranged for someone to be in your property. It could prevent any problems from arising when they see someone other than yourself staying in the holiday home.